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Standard Mesh

3.5mm Aluminium

3.5mm Aluminium Gutter Guard mesh is our standard solution for keeping your gutters clear.

Ember Guard Mesh

2mm Aluminium

Our 2mm Aluminium Ember Guard Mesh balances provides durable gutter protection at an affordable price-point.

1.8mm Stainless Steel

Our Premium 1.8mm Stainless Steel Gutter Guard Ember Mesh is the go-to solution for the toughest, highest BAL-rated gutter protection.

How to choose the right Gutter Guard mesh

When selecting the appropriate mesh type for your installation, several factors need to be considered. For general applications, our 3.5mm Aluminium Gutter Guard Mesh is ideal, especially in areas with larger leaf debris. This option is also fire-rated and qualifies as a Gutter Guard in Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) 12.5 zones.

For installations requiring a BAL-rated Ember Guard, our 2mm Aluminium Ember Guard Mesh meets all necessary standards to be used as an Ember Guard. It is fire-rated for use in all Bushfire Attack Levels: BAL-12.5, BAL-19, BAL-29, BAL-40, and BAL-FZ based on AS 3959-2018.

Our 2mm Aluminium Ember Guard Mesh is also particularly effective in environments with finer debris, such as pine needles or cypress trees. Its design ensures optimal water flow through its apertures while effectively blocking most fine debris from entering your gutters.

For applications that necessitate the use of Stainless Steel, our 1.8mm Stainless Steel Ember Guard Mesh is composed of 316 marine grade steel, providing superior durability and performance where this material is essential.