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Using an Ember Guard to Bushfire Proof Your Gutters

Why install an Ember Guard to Bushfire Proof Your Gutters?

With Australian summers seeming to get warmer and warmer it seems that Bushfire season is coming sooner with each year with different suburbs being effective.

When a fire starts, embers can spread rapidly and quickly far from the fire depending on the weather conditions. These embers can travel onto your roof and into your gutters creating a fire risk. Although gutters catch rain, during our warm summers they can become dry quite quickly, and along with the leaf debris inside of them. If an ember travels into your gutters and makes contact with this dry debris a fire can spread quite rapidly. This is why Ember Guard is important.

There are different kinds of Gutter Guard that are suitable for most BAL ratings. Whilst our 3mm X 4mm Expanded Aluminium is non-combustable, and deemed suitable for BAL ratings based on the Australian Standard AS 3959-2018 it is not considering an Ember Guard. The Australian Standard AS 3959-2009 requires that Ember Guards be of non-combustable material (both our woven and expanded aluminium mesh are), and have a 2mm hole aperture or smaller (our woven aluminium is).

Many councils are now requiring that when installing Gutter Protection in an area that may face bushfire risk that you install an EmberGuard Mesh.

We suggest installing a Premium Woven EmberGuard to your home to take steps to protect yourself from bushfire attack.

If you live in a bushfire prone zone, or want to take extra steps to protect your home, contact us about getting a our Premium Woven EmberGuard for your home.

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